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Our Sustainability Journey

At GLAMBOU we take our impact on the community and the planet seriously. We have already taken important steps towards positive change and are committed to continuing on this path along with our team and partners.

We commit to continuously challenging ourselves to take those steps, however small, with an everlasting impact. This is our ‘GLAM’ journey because contributing to a better future has never been so glamorous.

Our Power Pillars

Our Partners

We want to deliver premium products, and we will always challenge ourselves to explore better ways to do so.

Every partner within our design and supply chain is empowered to take those steps towards a better future. This can take many different forms such as integrating solar energy systems, applying for a sustainability certification, banning single-use plastics, or giving back to communities and preserving traditions, culture and heritage.

Our Edit

We understand that being sustainable is not easy for some of our designers.

Therefore, we use our platform and expertise to support them in growing their businesses, and we encourage them to embark on their own sustainability journey.

When scouting for new and emerging designers, we pride ourselves on representing a diverse spectrum of designers as well as finding local heroes who produce in small studios.

Through our code of conduct, we ensure we share the same principles, and we empower everyone to take the right steps towards a better future.

Our Team

We want our customers to be able to make informed choices by offering transparency.

Our team of experts are therefore engaged to share this information and answer your questions online or in stores throughout all our touchpoints.

We empower our team to always go that extra mile and exercise all due diligence. This allows us all to feel good about the choices we can make.

Our First Steps


Since 2021, we’ve made a conscious decision to work with recycled silver as the go-to base material for the production of all our in-house collections.

The usage of recycled silver in jewelry production doesn’t affect its original quality or durability.


  • 98% of our existing suppliers are able to provide recycled silver
  • 30%+ of our in-house collections currently sold are made with recycled silver
  • 90% of all new collections dropped since the start of 2022 are produced using 100% recycled silver.

We are committed to continuing our efforts to increase this share to be able to reach 100% by the end of 2022.

Recycled Silver

  • Reduces Waste and CO2 emissions
  • Reduce the negative impact of mining on communities and the environment


In 2021 we began researching the development of more sustainable packaging solutions. In a first step, we’ve focused our efforts into switching all in-house elements to recycled materials.


  • All of the paper-based elements of our GLAMBOU packaging are now made using FSC Mix.
  • Where applicable, we’ve introduced recycled solutions within other elements as well. E.g., our ribbons are produced using recycled polyester.
  • We actively encourage our partnering designers to opt for positive impact packaging solutions.

By the end of 2022, we commit to offering more sustainable solutions for our inlay and pouches. We are currently doing in-depth research to be able to maintain quality and protect your beautiful pieces of designer jewelry at the same time.


We’ve developed a ‘sustainability’ filter for our online store, enabling us to put the spotlight on the brands and designs which are produced with positive impact in mind.

Our labelling system enables you to browse our jewelry assortment while learning more about why our experts deem jewelry pieces to be more sustainable. In the first step, we’ve chosen to highlight the following product attributes within our portfolio: recycled materials, local production, made to order, and lab-grown diamonds.

This is our first step towards offering transparency, we will continue to develop tools to allow us to communicate transparently about our products and focus areas within our sustainability journey.

Sustainability Badges

Recycled Materials

Using recycled materials contributes to a circular economy and reduces impact on the environment.

Local Production

Not only does local production contribute to lower carbon emissions, it also supports local communities and maintains tradition, culture, and artisanal expertise.

Made to Order

By choosing a made to order product, you can rest assured the designer is producing only as much as necessary, thus reducing the risk of waste.

Lab-grown Diamonds

Lab-grown stones are considered a more sustainable choice compared to mined stones. Using them reduces the negative impact of mining on the environment and mining communities.


We realize there is still a long path ahead of us, and the initiatives listed above are just the start of what’s to come. Follow our journey on Instagram and contact us here for more information.

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